I’m Jeff, a designer, illustrator, and animator, focused on product design, user experience, prototyping, vector illustration, and branding. I currently design for Curious Media in Nampa, Idaho, and have been involved in projects for clients such as Disney, Random House, PBS Kids, TIME, HP, St. Luke's Health Partners, Primary Health Medical Group, and many others.

I believe success with any project involves understand the problem, iterate through discovery, and present the solution to thunderous applause. Collaboration strengthens this process, and the occasional donut doesn't hurt either.

In my spare time, you'll find me playing table-top games, spending time with my family, drawing crazy cartoons, serving youth in my community, and learning to rollerblade.


Do you really get a lot of people asking you questions frequently?

Why of course I do! What a silly question.

Why don't you have many frequently asked questions answered?

Because nobody has asked any! Sheesh!

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