Advancing healthcare through integrated data & analytics.

The Challenge

Offer a comprehensive, secure, data-driven solution to access patient information that will improve quality of care, and help physicians make the best health care decisions.

With rising costs in the medical services, and the business of healthcare increasingly focused more on the bottom line than the welfare of a patient, Inflight set out to lead the charge in healthcare reform. With a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to have great healthcare, regardless of their age, gender, race, or socioeconomic situation, Inflight is a secure and reliable source for the information needed by physicians to make the right decisions for patient care, while still being financially successful.

This approach to value-base care comes with many challenges, including limited budgets and resources. Many healthcare organizations are struggling to implement core technology requirements to meet the demands of business, and effectively delivering critical information to end users in a secure and meaningful way.

Inflight Health forged new paths to address these challenges, and offer patient information, as well as forecasting population trends and data, to better treat patients. Using visual graphics, and a robust set of analytical tools, health providers are equipped with information that is secure, accurate, and helpful in their value-based care.

Creating an application with an intuitive user interface to harness extensive data sets was at the heart of this project. Support material in the form of presentation graphics, blog images, a website, and flyers helped spread the message of value-based care with Inflight Health.

Inflight Health is at the forefront of this movement to “de-weaponize” data, and to shed light on how healthcare professionals can use technology to reduce costs, avoid physician burnout, and create better health outcomes. Over 22 million clinical records have been extracted, 40 million claims analyzed, and 340K live have been managed.

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